Game Design


Study focus for those interested in learning how to design and develop computer games.

If you are a computer games enthusiast or if you are attracted to this field because you realise the possibility of a great job and want to get into the Game Design / Game Development worlds, we have prepared a study programme with a clear goal for all such people, led by experienced personalities from the gaming world.

Students are guided to learn software skills, gain expertise in both current and cult classic games, learn game marketing, deconstruct and regularly play games on all types of devices, play-test games, take field trips to development studios or attend workshops led by inspiring freelancers. Game Design graduates at Scholastika will gain comprehensive job skills enabling them to become a game designer, creating new game worlds.

Creating and developing your own computer games is one of the main and most complex creative tasks of the Game Design programme. It involves understanding and knowing how to build game mechanics, writing the overall story of the game and individual levels, creating artwork for worlds and characters, and then processing all parts in adequate software. Students go through all of this over and over again during each semester, forming working teams where they gradually discover and define what each “does best” and begin to profile themselves. A relatively wide range of software needs to be mastered, including the appropriate use of AI assistance, artificial intelligence such as Midjourney. At the same time, it is important to keep thinking about the player, their psychology, one’s ability to guide them through the game world, put obstacles in front of them and be able to figure out how to reward them for overcoming them.

It is the complexity of such creative activity that challenges us. We want to guide students through the history and contemporary context of game design. We want them to be able to think critically about games, to be able to play them in an enlightened way (we hold regular game nights on all types of gaming equipment that are available to students in the school at all times). To look for flaws in their prototypes and existing games, as well as identify mechanisms worth developing.

Game development is a field with huge perspectives and many challenges, and we want to be your guide through it.

What do students say about the school?

  • The school creates a kind of community, not just for the students, but for all the teachers and everyone involved. It’s nice to be in an environment that motivates you every day.

    — Karolína, graphic design student
  • Why is the school great? For me personally, it’s mainly the time flexibility. I’m able to do my own projects, work, while continuing my studies.

    — Kamil, motion design student

Head of the field


Martin Vaňo


Martin Vaňo has been involved in game design for 30 years, including more than 16 years working professionally in various areas of the industry. During his career, he has worked on the development of AAA games, including the military simulation ARMA 2 and 3, the mobile games Mimpi and Mimpi Dreams, and live escape games. He has worked with Prague-based studio Mindmaze to create two next-generation escape games, Galactic Pioneers and Nautilus.

Since 2016, Martin Vaňo has also been teaching game design and development at universities in Pilsen and Prague. In addition, he provides tutorials in game design through private online platforms such as GameDevHub and Anomalia.

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Teachers of Game Design

How do I apply to Scholastika vocational school?

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    Pro podání přihlášky do VOŠ Scholastika vyplňte online formulář. Jedna přihláška platí pro více zaměření – vyberte ve formuláři.

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    Po jeho přijetí Vám pošleme předvyplněnou přihlášku v PDF a později také informace o přijímacím pohovoru.

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    Odevzdejte (odešlete) vyplněnou přihlášku do 31. 5. společně s požadovanými dokumenty, zaplaťe administrativní poplatek a přijďte na přijímací pohovor.

Applications for the class of 2024/25 will be accepted until May 31, 2024.

We will not be accepting new students for the 2024/25 academic year in Product Design. Thank you for your understanding.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Application to study

It is not currently possible to submit an online application for this field.

If you have any questions regarding the fields of study at Scholastika, please contact us via email

  • When will the open day be held?

    The Open Day in 2024 will take place in person on May 14th from 4 pm at the address of the school - VŠ Scholastika, Římská 12, Prague 2. The online open day will then take place on May 16th at 5.30 pm. You can find an invitation to this event and more information on our social media.

  • How can I apply to study at Scholastika?

    The first step is to complete and submit the online application form, which is listed above on this website. We will then email you a pre-filled application form in PDF format, which you need to return completed. You can send the application form to the school’s study department scanned by email to, by post to the school’s address (VŠ Scholastika, Římská 12, Prague 2, 120 00) or by prior arrangement you can deliver the application form in person to the school’s office. You must also pay an administrative fee of 700 CZK to the account number 6322645001/5500. Applications are accepted until the 31st of May 2024.

  • How does the admission interview work?

    Interviews will take place in the second half of June and August 2024, with specific dates to be announced in advance on our website and social media. Candidates should submit a portfolio of work focused on their field of study, with an optimum of 10 works, and show both interest and orientation in the field. The admissions interview is scored by an expert committee, according to defined criteria. The portfolio can be in physical or electronic form - on a portable disk, we are also interested in sketches and elaborated concepts of the applicants, we are happy to discuss the individual study goals of the applicants. Candidates have the opportunity to arrange a consultation of their homework with the teacher in advance.

  • Do I gain student status by studying at the Scholastika?

    Yes, Scholastika - Higher Vocational School of Visual Communication has been accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic (Ministerstvo školství, mládeže a tělovýchovi ČR) since 2015 for full-time study of higher vocational education, at the EQF 6 level.

  • For whom is the study at Scholastika intended?

    Studying at the school is ideal for graduates of vocational secondary schools or bachelor’s programmes who want to gain new practical and theoretical expertise based on the spectrum of our educational programme focused on the four areas of design. Studying at our school helps graduates start their own working career in the design field. The study is full-time, three-year and upon successful completion of the study and passing the state final exam, the student receives the degree of DiS.

  • What else could I find interesting about Scholastika?

    Scholastika organises accompanying activities for its students in the form of lectures and longer-term workshops by Czech and foreign guests from the world of art and design. Furthermore, the school organises regular excursions, guided tours of exhibitions in large institutions and small independent galleries and studios, school trips abroad for art and design (e.g. Venice Biennale, Salone del Mobile in Milan, Berlin Gallery Week, etc.).

    Students can use the school’s facilities, specialised studios (photography, art, games), sound studio, print lab, 3D printers, the CNC workshop and other technical equipment (photo, video, audio) along with the library for their own creation and individual study.