Summer Academy: Czech Glass Journey

First term: July 1-14
Second term: August 5-18

Are you a creative individual?
Are you not afraid of trying new thing?
Do you like art and design?
Are you fascinated by Czech glass?

If you answered yes to at least on one of these questions you might be interested in our Summer Academy. We are proud that we can present our new glass workshop which is opened to anyone with passion for art. Not only you will have an unique opportunity to explore the beauty and tradition of Czech glass but you will also be able to design your own glass product which you will take home with you as a memory for life.

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Czech Republic is known as the world’s capital of glass making. The history of Czech glass goes all the way back to the 13th century and over centuries the glass was constantly improving towards today’s top quality. It is not surprising that the glass industry is booming nowadays and is attracting attention from all over the world. We are aware of the great reputation of Czech glass and we want to share this treasure with the enthusiastic people from all over the world.

Collaborating with the world’s best glass designers, Summer Academy offers unique opportunity to discover beauty of glass making in the heart of central Europe – Prague. The Summer Academy combines the long tradition of glass making with the new trends in the field. The participants will not only have the opportunity to take part in the lectures and workshops taught by important Czech designers, but also will exclusively visit their studios and glass factories to get inspired. After this theoretical and preparatory part, you will have the unique opportunity to participate in the whole process of glass making. You will design your own glass product from scratch to the final product. Since we are collaborating with a glass factory you will be able to bring your visions and designs into life and then bring them home.

We will bring you together with people from all over the world with the same drive and passion for trying new things, whether you are a working professional or a student. Our workshop is led by the world-class faculty and the best thing is that no prior knowledge from the field is required. We hope to infuse both the inspiration and enthusiasm created to encourage participants to explore new field and bring home unique product that they created by themselves.

Program of the Summer Academy*

  • Lecture
  • Designing workshops
  • Exploring Prague and Czech Republic
  • Five excursions to glass factories – Moser, Bomma, Crystalite, DT glass, Ajeto Lindava 
  • One night in the Ještěd TV Tower Hotel
  • Two days in the glass factory where you will bring your designs into life

* We will provide a full detail schedule of lectures, workshops and field trips upon receiving your application.
We are looking for enthusiastic people from different backgrounds with an interest in art, design or craft. The prior knowledge of the glass field is not necessary. 

Participation fee and accommodation

The participation fee is 1800 EUR for each term (2 weeks). We do not provide accommodation by ourselves but we will put you in contact with our partner organizations which do.

On acceptance, the enrolment charge of € 200.– should be paid immediately. The course fee must be entered in the Summer Academy account by 15 June 2017:

Scholastika - vyšší odborná škola vizuální komunikace s.r.o.
Schnirchova 662/22, Praha 7 - Holešovice , 170 00
IBAN: CZ1655000000006322645001

Payments can be processed via bank transfer or ee use Pay Pal for online transactions and you can pay with any credit card. 

Enrolment for non-Schengen citizens requiring a visa for Czech Republic

To obtain a visa, an invitation is necessary. After receiving a notification of acceptance from the us, we will forward the applicant an invitation letter form  – he/she submits it along with the visa application. With this letter and other relevant documents, the student can apply to the appropriate Czech Embassy for a visa.


Our Faculty

  •  MgA. Ondřej Elfmark  
  •  MgA. Jan Volhejn   

Ondrej and Jan are young Czech designers who graduated from the University of Applied Arts in Prague. They have a long experience in glass-making and have worked with many well-known Czech glass factories such as Crystalite, Ajeto Lindava, DT Glass, Moravian Glass factory Květná.

Online Application form


Simply follow the link bellow

Questions and Answers

How do I apply?

You just need to fill out the Application form. After that we will send you a confirmation email with the payment details.

Who can participate in the Summer Academy?

People interested in art who want to explore new things and are willing to come to Czech Republic to spend two very active weeks. There are no age nor prior knowledge requirements. All you need to do is to sign up.

Do you provide accommodation?

We do not provide accommodation by ourselves but we will put you in contact with our partner organizations which do.

What is included in the price?

The price includes lectures, designing workshops, materials such as papers, pencils, moulds for glass and material for glass making. Five excursions to the glass factories outside Prague - Moser, Bomma, Crystalite, DT glass, Ajeto Lindava. Accommodation on Ještěd TV tower hotel. Transfer to the glass factory and accommodation with breakfast in Desná for two days. We also want you to explore Prague so we arranged big tour around the city.

         Římská 103/12
         Vinohrady, 120 00
         Praha 2
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